Friday, January 31, 2014

Graffiti on Inca walls

Several sources mentioned today the painting with graffiti of an Inca wall at the Plazoleta of Colcampata, which is at the San Cristóbal church, just above Cusco on the way to Sacsayhuaman. The local director for the "Conservation of Culture" in Cusco, mr. Alfredo Mormontoy, said the graffiti of purple color where some 2 meters high. Today they will already start with the cleaning. Nothing is known about responsables of the damage, but mr.Washington Galicia Vasquez, who is the president of the committee that safeguards the church of San Cristóbal, commented that some 15 young people where seen drinking the day before at the site. The initials AL and PSC were painted here, between other ones that were less readable. See the pictures here (source; El Comercio);
picture 1 inca wall with graffiti
picture 2 inca wall with graffiti

It is not the first time that graffiti was painted on the ancient walls of Cusco. It is good to know that high penalties are given for these kind of delicts. Cusco wants to protect well it ancient roots and its patrimony, but not everybody seems to understand and apreciate that! At Colcampata there is a magnificant view over Cusco and there are long inca walls, together with the church of San Cristobal.

At the church they keep a stone that looks molded and vitrified, together with other strange stones from inca or pre- inca time.

For more pictures of the beautiful scenery around Colcampata, see  below;

More of the beautiful Inca walls

The church of San Cristobal

A small street that goes up from the Centre of Cusco towards the site of Colcampata (Arco Iris street)

From Colcampata it is not a long way to the entrance of Sacsayhuaman, although it is a steep climb. The views one gets over Cusco are magnificent, see the picture below:

picture by Jorge Lascar